Entrepreneurial Services

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Currently, the market requires that companies focus their efforts on business matters in order to obtain a competitive and advantageous position in the industry where they operate.

A required strategy is outsourcing business functions and administrative processes to specialized third parties who guarantee reliable management at a convenient cost.  Because we aware of these needs, we have formed the Entrepreneurial Service Division with professionals trained in different entrepreneurial matters focused on diverse lines of business and sizes with the purpose of delivering prompt and efficient service.

For this area, we provide the following specialty services:

Obtaining market relevant information about the consumers’ behavior and conduct, the positioning of commercialized products, the quantification of potential markets or any other type of significant information, either quantitative or qualitative, for decision-making has become a critical tool to define objectives and establish the most adequate strategies for companies’ business management and their products. We have specialized professionals in market surveys who provide advisory to our clients from the design of the survey according to their specific research needs to the scope and coverage required to obtain quality information.
We provide our clients with the management of their staff payroll function, which includes payment slips, the preparation of the payroll ledger, the worksheet containing social security and healthcare payment contributions, employment contracts and their respective Addenda, the processing of employees’ sick leaves before social security and healthcare institutions, the processing of the authorization of dependants, the processing of the National Healthcare Fund card (Fonasa card), the preparation of employees’ severance payment documents and certificates, among the most significant activities to be performed.
We provide outsourcing of bookkeeping services generating monthly reports or reports in accordance with the Client’s needs or in accordance with your information requirements for proper decision-making.

We have computer accounting systems in which we enter all the information related to the business activities performed by our clients, generating receipt, transfer and expense vouchers; attached to the supporting documentation in each voucher. In addition, we prepare the monthly financial statements with their respective account analyses and monthly VAT declarations, bank reconciliations, tax returns, sworn affidavits, stamping of documents and issuance of official records in sheets stamped by the Chilean IRS, among the most significant bookkeeping activities.
We provide services related to the administration of the Treasury, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Purchasing, and Foreign Trade functions, where applicable. Our assistance implies the development of such activities as preparing cash budgets and the expense master file, controlling their budgetary performance; being responsible for monthly financial statements and reports to be sent abroad; e.g., banks and suppliers; preparing economic and financial management reports containing the main financial ratios; e.g., working capital, current ratio, account receivable turnover, indebtedness and profitability ratios.  Likewise, we propose alternatives to optimize administrative and financial management.
We have an extensive database comprised with professionals in different disciplines and degree of specialization from which we select the most appropriate candidates for the job requested by the Client in accordance with its requirements. In addition to this, prior to being introduced to the Client for the selection process, candidates are subject to a demanding psychological testing and interviews in order to recognize their attitude and personal skills.
For the provision of our tax advisory services we have different specialists with the required skills to provide proper services in accordance with the requirements for tax advisory services and the clear objective of providing advisory to our clients in order to obtain all possible benefits offered by our legislation through incentives, franchises and specific advantages, as well as avoiding tax contingencies because of not being aware of or of error in the application of our advisory services:

• Tax planning of the company and its partners.
• Tax audit
• Review of standards applied by the company
• Provision of advisory services to natural persons
• Provision of advisory services for the processing of tax return requirements
• Tax defenses before the Chilean IRS
• Other requirements
Our experience in the observation and involvement in physical inventory taking allows us offering advisory in the management and administration of inventory and control of merchandise, supply and property, plant and equipment stocks. We observe on-site physical inventory taking to determine whether all inventories have been duly recorded.  Likewise, we assess the existing procedures and practices performed to determine possible risk factors affecting the normal running of the inventory warehouse.
We provide administrative and control service for employment relationships with senior officials under Private Role.

Hernán Espejo Silva Consulting Partner

Viviana Rojas Audit Partner

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Our Audit Division covers all engagements related to the performance of financial statements.

Information Technology

Our main goal is to guide clients in making the best decision possible when investing in technology solutions.


Our Consulting Division focuses on providing advisory services related to an organization’s strategic and operational matters.


We provide outsourced accounting services, generating monthly reports or according to customer needs.

Entrepreneurial Services

A necessary strategy is to outsource administrative functions and processess of the business to third parties.

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Count on specialized advisers at the highest level for your specific needs.