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We provide outsourcing of bookkeeping services generating monthly reports or reports in accordance with the Client’s needs or in accordance with your information requirements for proper decision-making.

We have computer accounting systems in which we enter all the information related to the business activities performed by our clients, generating receipt, transfer and expense vouchers; attached to the supporting documentation in each voucher.

In addition, we prepare the monthly financial statements with their respective account analyses and monthly VAT declarations, bank reconciliations, tax returns, sworn affidavits, stamping of documents and issuance of official records in sheets stamped by the Chilean IRS, among the most significant bookkeeping activities.

Hernán Espejo Silva Consulting Partner

Viviana Rojas Audit Partner

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Mining Investment Companies Insurance Companies Hospitals y Clinics Financial Companies
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Our Audit Division covers all engagements related to the performance of financial statements.

Information Technology

Our main goal is to guide clients in making the best decision possible when investing in technology solutions.


Our Consulting Division focuses on providing advisory services related to an organization’s strategic and operational matters.


We provide outsourced accounting services, generating monthly reports or according to customer needs.

Entrepreneurial Services

A necessary strategy is to outsource administrative functions and processess of the business to third parties.

Other Services

Count on specialized advisers at the highest level for your specific needs.